Firstly – some clarity

So before I begin blogging my thoughts, I suppose it is sensible to detail the point of this blog.


This doesn’t represent my employer or anything to do with my day job. Also, any reference I make to vendors, researchers, analysts etc will intentionally be anonomised. Also if I write anything about people, it will likely be with names changed, always keen to protect the innocents.


So if this isn’t going to reflect what I do for a living, the question is why do it at all? Well maybe there will be some thoughts on security and relevant stories that may not fit with where I write, then again it may be the case there is something I want to get off my chest and my 140 character limit on Twitter is too limiting.


For example, I have been contributing to the football blog Strictly442 this season and will sync some of my content back here, also there will be views on football, music and general life – whatever takes my interest really.


If you want to know about me, here’s my LinkedIn for my employment history; if you want to know what I do personally I’m on Facebook; and if you want to know what I was like in 2008, here’s my Myspace.


Disclaimer over, lets talk me and my thoughts.


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