The Man of Steel

This week saw the main trailer released for what could be the summer blockbuster of 2013 – The Man of Steel.
This latest adaptation of the superman legend does look to lack some of the gentility of the Richard Donner/Christopher Reeve version of 1978, but I guess after the Batman reboots of the last 10 years, this was to be expected.
However as a life long superman fan, we’re talking wallpaper as kid and Superman 2 as that film you watched over and over on days off school and giving the George Reeves version the time of day, the potential of a great Superman film does fill me with delight.
The last release, 2006’s disappointing Superman Returns which was confusing in its timescale (picking up from the 1986 Superman 4 film as some kind of sequel), it lacked a decent villain (Kevin Spacey’s Lex Luthor showed why Donner coveted Gene Hackman for the 1978 film) and had a Lois Lane who did not have anything especially appealing about her.
Yes Brandon Routh was a good superman I felt, but as for the rest of the film, not impressed.
For this edition there appears to be a strong cast, likely inspired by the recent Batman and Spider-Man reboots, with a new take on Krypton and bringing the legend to the modern day that Smallville tried to do.
Will it satisfy? Who knows. It could be that the trailer contains all the best bits and Henry Cavill does not have maturity to carry off such a screen icon.

Playing the part of General Zod is Michael Shannon,  who plays Boardwalk Empire’s mountain of simmering tension Nelson Val Aalden/Robert Mueller. Again he’s unlikely to bring what Terence Stamp did in the way a classic British actor does, but something tells me he won’t disappoint. Maybe it’s to do with the teaser trailer.

I’m not a comic book/graphic novel afficionado, and don’t claim to be an expert on Kal-El, but for the kid who loved the legend as much as Kill Bill’s Bill (see the clip), the concept of a decent Superman film is what will make 2013 a great summer of film.

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