Wayne Coyne gave me flu



I don’t want to turn this blog into a series of gig reviews, but since I have been blogging regularly I have been to two notable gigs.


This week’s was the Flaming Lips, a band I first came across in 2000 and saw at the John Peel tent (then the new bands tent, amusing considering that they formed in the early 1980s) when they played their monumental album The Soft Bulletin. If you don’t own it, buy it.


Also buy Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots from 2002, still an absolute concept classic. This was viewing number five of The Flaming Lips and this time they were promoting and played seven tracks from the most recent album The Terror.  Listening live perhaps not their best work, but they still do it their way with confetti and elaborate stage sets, and an especially loose musical style among the five piece.


What was notable about this show was that it came the day after the Oklahoma tornado, the band’s home state. Singer Wayne Coyne opened with a ten minute speech on the impact on the band, and admitted that had anything happened to anyone they would have cancelled the show.


What was also remarkable was that this was the second night they were supposed to be playing at the Camden Roundhouse, however Coyne’s cold had caused the previous night to be postponed by a week and left a half-well Coyne to struggle to hit the high notes and constantly drinking Ginger Beer. Must remember that remedy.


Generally he seemed to cope pretty well with the illness, apart from during the song ‘Do you Realise’, as close to an anthem that the Flaming Lips are ever going to get, that Coyne had a coughing fit and left the audience to sing two lines for him.


The band finished, they were great and I will continue to see them as they come to the UK.


However heading home I started to feel ill, considered cancelling meetings the next day and staying home. Ever the survivor, I got up and headed into central London for two conference calls, a face to face meeting and a evening event with a PR company. During the second call, I won’t lie, I felt like shit. It was this at this point I realised I had to call off the face to face as I probably looked like a wreck, and also the PR event which sadly combined a trip up the Shard.


I made it into work on the Thursday and now it is Friday, I’ve come off the lemsip and flu tablets and am left with an earache and that post flu feeling.


So I am blaming Wayne Coyne for my illness this week, which is not bad thing. Getting germs from someone you admire and like perhaps make things slightly better, but I will treasure the Coyne cough and germs spread over the Roundhouse audience at the ‘The Most Important Gig Of All Time’. Wayne’s words, not mine!


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