Here I go again, on my own


As those of you who followed me on twitter and perhaps even the Virgin Money giving blog will recall, 2012 was the year I got out on the streets and climaxed with the Royal Parks half marathon.
My effort started in January 2012 with a training programme, leading up to the Sport Relief 5k. I followed this with two 10k runs as well as plenty of training as I ramped up to that frosty October morning.
On that day, I managed to get around the 13.1 miles in two hours and 43 minutes. After that a bit of a sore knee kept me off training for a while, well into the new year truth be told, where I began again and entered the same race.
The training continued through to February where life (making excuses now) got in the way and March, April and May came and went with my best intentions.
Well enough chatter and intending: last Friday I met with marathon hero and former colleague Grant Bather who told me that after his break and return to running he found it hard, but easy to get back into.
So that I did. On Saturday 8th June I got back into the swing of running with a slow paced 5k which involved a lot of stops ‘to catch my breath’.
I now have just under four months until the half marathon and asking myself if I can do it – I know I can. I won’t be out looking to break my own or other records, but I will be looking for that sense of achievement once again.
Also of course, I’m looking for sponsorship. I’ll be running for Childline once again and looking to raise a minimum of £500, so if you’re feeling generous the links will be featuring in my tweets, blogs and emails in the coming months. Alternatively spur me on with motivational words like ‘stop looking at that chicken shop’, step back from the third floor vending machine’ and ‘you don’t need a pre-lunch sandwich’. Here comes the pain.