To run away from you…

I recently passed (in other words missed) the ‘100 days to’ alert on the Royal Parks half marathon so I’ll mark it with this three months to instead.

In my last blog post I announced my decision to do the run for the second time and since then I hit the streets and parks of N17 to get started with my training.

The first few times were bloody hard going (and that’s swearing) and it was tough hitting a stride, not being constantly out of breath and basically, not looking like a fat, sweaty fool in public.

A few sessions in though, and it came back to me. Ok my speed isn’t great, but my stamina is building up and tackling 5k runs is not as daunting as it was back in May.

Of course no blog on this is complete without a link to my sponsorship page, so here it is . Hey I am not going through all this effort for your entertainment you know!

One thing I wanted to address in this blog post was those who are so kind to say that I am an inspiration to them and wish they could do what I did/do. Ok the language is a little generous, but I do get comments from friends about this venture and I always give the same answer – if I can do it, anyone can.

There is no trick to it, it’s about getting started and getting going. Yes at first you may be conscious of running in public and how you appear, I would be lying if I said that thought didn’t come to my mind now and again.

However some decent trainers, comfy clothing, ipod/other music device or portable radio and a pair of headphones is all I have used. Why headphones? Because if anyone does say something, just wave as if it is someone cheering you on.

So if I can do it, you can. Just don’t forget to sponsor me 🙂


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