Monthly Archives: October 2013

One fine day…

Yesterday I tackled my second half marathon, the Royal Parks Foundation one, as you may have read about previously.

My time was a little slower than last year – I came in at 3 hours and 10 minutes, 27 minutes slower than last year, but I can blame a blazing sun and the fact that my left leg was rather painful at mile 8. However I’ll avoid talking (in depth) about how I was passed at mile 4 by Batman, Superman and Supergirl.

While I was doing it, I did have a Steve Redgrave feeling about it, and I obviously was in some discomfort at the end and for the rest of the day, but now on the morning after while my calves are like wood, my ankles fragile and my left leg still a bit tender, I’m not regretting anything. In fact, I have already looked at my next long term aim (it’s definitely not the London marathon in case you are wondering).

As to whether I’ll take on Royal Parks Half again, well I have two medals and two race shirts and after all the effort, it would be a shame not to make the hat trick. But that is another year away.

Now pardon me while I stretch this pain out. And don’t forget the sponsorship 🙂


Back to reality

Since my past post, life has been…..interesting.

I left one job, freelanced for a couple of weeks, took a holiday that combined that freelance life, was made work offers and took something which was never on the horizon until I asked for it. All in all, a busy and unpredictable time.

What is interesting about freelancing is the level to which you have to remain positive and push yourself. In  a previous job I was editor of a magazine and worked from home for 3 and a half years; it sounds great doesn’t it? My working day was 9-5 and I generally was “at my desk” for 8.50am and in the gym by 5.10pm.

This time things were slightly different: I started earlier and worked later because I was working for myself and spent m

ost of the day emailing old contacts on the seek for work. That is really nothing especially different from the usual job of the journalist – you spend the majority of your time talking to people either in person, on the phone, on email or online to get what you need and keep communication up.

Some of my friends said to me that they would find working from home to be a nightmare – the fridge and TV usual points of prevention from that life. For me, in this and the previous spell, the motivation is to do a job and with my aids of a very comprehensive CD collection and BBC 6 Music, I had no issues.

Now I’m back in the office and part of me thinks that I could take the working from home opportunity more seriously, but having done a spell where I had one night out at a PR social event and talked like a mad man, perhaps it is better for me to be amongst other people. After all I’ve seen The Shining, and in my case, too much work and all play made Dan slightly scary.