One fine day…

Yesterday I tackled my second half marathon, the Royal Parks Foundation one, as you may have read about previously.

My time was a little slower than last year – I came in at 3 hours and 10 minutes, 27 minutes slower than last year, but I can blame a blazing sun and the fact that my left leg was rather painful at mile 8. However I’ll avoid talking (in depth) about how I was passed at mile 4 by Batman, Superman and Supergirl.

While I was doing it, I did have a Steve Redgrave feeling about it, and I obviously was in some discomfort at the end and for the rest of the day, but now on the morning after while my calves are like wood, my ankles fragile and my left leg still a bit tender, I’m not regretting anything. In fact, I have already looked at my next long term aim (it’s definitely not the London marathon in case you are wondering).

As to whether I’ll take on Royal Parks Half again, well I have two medals and two race shirts and after all the effort, it would be a shame not to make the hat trick. But that is another year away.

Now pardon me while I stretch this pain out. And don’t forget the sponsorship 🙂


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