Monthly Archives: November 2013

High energy


When I was young, you drank energy drinks that came in a glass bottle and to be honest, tasted like sugary crap.

Whether it was Lucozade original or Dextrose tablets, let’s say that the parents were hardly enthusiastic about me drinking/taking these. Without sounding old beyond my years, I can start to see why.

There seems to be a plentiful array of energy drinks available now, from Boost (which was a decent alternative to Starbar last I saw) to Relentless (which amusingly looks like strong, nordic lager) to the established Red Bull. A brand do big they signed Thierry Henry and won the F1 championship.

I was in a local newsagent recently and a teenager asked the owner for a specific brand of energy drink. My first thought was “what do you need an energy drink for, you should have bags of energy!” before realising I would sound less like my father, more like my grandfather. I only really consumed end drinks when I was training for runs, and that involved carrying a few coins to enable a pit stop somewhere apparently halfway.

What I am talking about here is the emergence and persistence of carbonated energy drinks; Lucozade Sport is wholly acceptable.

Are we going to end up with teenagers high on sugar? Is that bad considering what they could be high in? Why write this blog at all you may ask? As I got on the train I am currently riding there was someone clutching a 49p can of Boost and it was midday.

Did that person need an energy drink? I’ll never know, and maybe I’ll never know why there is an apparent craze for energy drinks at the moment, but as I contradictory said at the start, I once drank Lucozade original and didn’t go mad because of it.