Ladies and gentlemen – the audience!


A few months ago I had a mad idea to do a live presentation on a subject I’ve been especially passionate about for some time – the death of the media.


I’ve generally contained these thoughts, save for a few choice rants now and again, but decided that the best way to get my point across would be to go on a stage and talk in front of an audience of hundreds of my readers (not likely of this blog) and peers. Yes, sometimes it pays to think about these things first!


Actually I was delighted to find that my talk for 44con was accepted. To the delight of the organisers, my talk may touch on the able subject, but instead I’ll be much more focused on the day job of information security and the media.


I won’t give too many spoilers away because at the end of the day, I want people to come and watch this, but there are grievances I have with my industry and the way reporting is done, and it seems that with the bustling community conference scene that has emerged over the past few years there was a great opportunity.


As for me, well it came as a surprise to be accepted as this was my first ever conference submission and I was told by the organisers that they received around 200 submissions last year. So I was accepted on my first effort, why? Well I guess I made my CFP entry to stand out by saying that I won’t be presenting on technology or hacking procedures or a chosen topic in my marketing portfolio, instead on something that was never seen before. Organiser Adrian told me that there was another media type talk, my response was to ensure that mine stood out and inform him that this is worth being told. Plus this is an original talk, and it seems that   is always a bonus.


I talked to some key people from the industry to gauge opinions on the idea of the talk and how to deliver, and wrote the submission off the top of my head in about 10 minutes. Much like this blog.


It was accepted this week and the next stage for me is to knock the slides and narrative together, and hope for Adrian and Co give me a decent slot – I’ll update this when date and day are accepted.


For now I’ll leave a teaser on the talk, and encourage you to get tickets at and to keep 10th-12th September free. Now, as for that Heartbleed virus…


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