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I’ve been happy to contribute blogs on IT Security, football and other topics (but most often the former two) and it is a pleasure to write them.

What annoys me is when you write something and the recipient decides not to run it, often for no good reason. Is it unsuitable, incorrect, offensive? Unlikely, it’s a blog and my opinion so if you have asked for it, then it’s expected that it will be published.

Anyway I had this dilemma last weekend when attending Tottenham’s remembrance Sunday service and for the third year in a row, Tottenham Hotspur failed to show up. My consideration was who go write for, and initially I thought of the blog Dear Mr Levy (, but it didn’t seem to have a “submit article” function and as I said, I wanted to make sure that it was seen and used somewhere.

Instead I opted for a football website that does accept guest blogs – The Fighting Cock. The non football fans among readers may not be aware of them, but they run an excellent weekly Spurs podcast alongside a very good looking website and campaigns on StubHub, singing at home games and connections with the upper echelons of the club.

There is a link to the article below so I will save the effort of reposting it, but I’m delighted that it was selected for inclusion as it is more of a local Tottenham issue than a specific football tale, but I hope that it strikes at the right level of the club and in November 2015, the club is represented in the community.

Tottenham remembers, but Hotspur doesn’t show


UPDATE – I visited Islington the other week, and saw the following wreath. Further fuel to my argument that Spurs need to follow the lead of others.IMG_20141122_161519


3rd November resolutions

Because New Year resolutions are crap and no one actually sticks to them, I’ve decided to make some changes in early November and to ensure that I keep to these, I’m documenting them here.

1 – Start running again and do a competitive 5k before the end of 2014. As many of you will know, my 2012 resolution was to take up running and I stuck at it, from couch to 5k, to 10k and to the Royal Parks Half Marathon in November 2012. I then sat down for about 5 months, entered the half marathon again and completed it in 2013. Then sat down again, and basically have eaten pies and biscuits since. In other words, I’m out of shape and out of exercise and can do both with an effort to run again. Easier said than done, well yes, but at the time of writing I’ve just done 26 minutes running and loved it.

2 – Relearn shorthand. One of my keen ambitions is to do something about the journalist/secretary language I learned, and promptly forgot, back in the 1990s. This won’t be easy, but I’m hoping it’s like the whole bicycle analogy, not that one. Just if you see me trying, speak slowly, and don’t frown at my still using a dictaphone.

3 – Lose some weight. You read it in #1, but when the jeans feel tight, I know and the better T-shirts are being subbed for the 4XL freebies I’ve got from conferences, I need to something about it.

4 – Read a book before Christmas. “A journalist who doesn’t read a book?” you may say. Truth is I read a lot on online and a lot of magazines, and listen to a lot of podcasts, but also play a lot of Championship Manager and Candy Crush, so with podcasts covered again in resolution #1, I can try and read something. Especially as I managed to take books to conferences in Las Vegas and Amsterdam and not open a page in either.

So that’s the 4 documented. Yes I’ll be nicer to people, try and cook more, be more patient, write more blogs and try and cut down on the beer, but life’s got to have some fun, right?