Let’s reclaim the originals

I think it is time that we seized back those works of art that are criminally butchered by the modern generation. I’m not talking films, I am talking songs. Mark Ronson is to blame – taking decent songs and covering them into bland, lounge level music.

I know Charlie Brooker offered some agreeable points on the Christmas songs turned into breathy advertising backing tracks for high street retailers, see the once sex-war-religion trilogy of Frankie Goes to Hollywood turned into a mush, but instead I am going to try and reclaim something I believe to be perfect. The Smiths song “Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before” didn’t appear on the best of I bought in the 1990s, and doesn’t appear on their finest work “The Queen is Dead”, but it remains a terrific tune.

Mark Ronson turned it into…something boring. Here’s the one you should be listening to –


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