This sort of thing ain’t my bag baby

It’s been with me for a number of years and after an incident at the weekend, I’m sorry to be saying goodbye to something which has served me well. Not a car, device or something else practical – but a bag.

A simple Ogio rucksack that I got some 4-5 years ago from Rackspace. It did contain a cowboy hat and a Texas flag at the time; they exist somewhere in our house.

However this bag has been around the world due to its capability to hold plenty of items, it has been on multiple press trips and holidays to the USA, across Europe, to India and Morocco, been up and down the UK and once carried multiple copies of SC Magazine to Irisscon in Dublin.

My wife did once comment “I’ve heard of Rackspace”, I pointed out that she had seen me wear this bag many times. I had the opportunity to replace it with new rucksacks from RSA Conference, Symantec conferences and the replacement from Varonis, and even at Black Hat Conference who sold the same “model” at its USA conference.

As for the incident, well a bottle of beer broke (the bag fell off the table) in it and due to it being so damn efficient, it didn’t exactly drain out. So I left it in the garden to dry out, and on Monday there was a torrential downpour which it was stuck out in. Did I feel guilty? Yes, although it was due a clean. Could I have saved it? Maybe, but after the amount of travels there has been a lot of wear and tear and it may not survive the washing machine cycle.

No, sadly this practical giveaway has reached its end of life and it’s time to say goodbye.


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