2017 Resolutions

1 – Read a book a month – my commute is filled with podcasts, and while I read at home (usually old copies of the Guardian Weekend magazine) I’ve been bought many books in the past year for Christmas and birthday that I am yet to pick up. So first is to get through one book a month – Tim Dowling and Hadley Freeman’s excellent columns will have to wait.


2 – Listen to a new album a week – Vicky and I have become buyers of vinyl, and just this week picked up the recent releases by Public Sector Broadcasting, Metallica and Radiohead. However we rarely listen to these. So in 2017 I/we will listen to one of these masterpieces a week.


3 – Listen to a new band a week – I’ve read so much about bands like The 1975, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Cabbage (mainly because of this https://twitter.com/Rachael_Swindon/status/816052288691326976) but rarely hear their music, so in 2017 I’ll make the effort to listen to the hype so all recommendations are welcome.


4 – Probably try and exercise more, especially as I turned 40 last year and I’ve run 2 half marathons in the past five years. Knowing I can do it and actually doing it are not that far apart.slide-13-1024