Who are you wearing this Christmas?

Today saw the first official photo of the new Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker. I’m not a fan of Doctor Who and I recall only seeing Jodie in the excellent series Broadchurch, but I totally applaud the decision to cast a female actor in the part of the Doctor as it’s 2017, and in these times of reports of harassment, I think it’s great to have a fresh female role model.

Is that the blog over? Of course not, what piqued my interest most was the reaction to the photo release: after all this was just a photo of an actress in a costume on a set (or potentially on location) but it showed the capability of tapping social media with the image release.

When Jodie Whittaker was ‘revealed’ as the new Doctor it set the internet ablaze among those who thought this was a good thing, and those who did not. From today’s announcement, what I mostly saw was a positive response. It was positive from the perspective of the reference that the costume had to Tom Baker’s scarf, or to those who can recall, Robin Williams as Mork.

When the regeneration happens, we will see the conversation start all over again about whether an alien has boobs and if there will be tampons in the TARDIS, and the other crap that was slung around by people incapable of embracing change. I will likely watch the regeneration episode but that will be my all, but as the rebooted Ghostbusters film proved, it’s not the legacy fan that are trying to be satisfied, it’s the next generation who will keep the concept going.


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