I’ll have a T please Bob 

Today my twitter feed has been filled with the usual comments of information security (naturally), and the BBC Radio 6 Music promotion of “T-shirt day”

The idea of this, one assumes, was to create a social media flashmob of people wearing band T-shirts to create a viral theme. Did it work? Well I guess so, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

The main thing I wanted to blog about was the concept of the band T-shirt. These days official merchandise is very expensive: at a recent Gary Numan concert the T-shirts were around £30 each, and a hoodie was selling for around £85. Having worked in that sector that covered those companies designing and selling the garments, and I know how much it costs to buy a T-shirt and design it. Clue, it’s not £30.

I own much fewer T-shirts than I did when I was younger, and I reckon that two band specific T-shirts are in my possession. Should I own more? Well if the price was lower I might do.

Of course the other option is the bootleg T-shirts sold outside. Often not made from the best quality garment, and usually using a band’s artwork illegally, this may often be a better purchase. Why? Well you can purchase a T-shirt with a band name on it, isn’t that all you want? Of course I should say buy the official merchandise, but in a time when the band T-shirt is sold in high street clothing stores, it’s nice to have an option.


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