Once upon a Spurs blog post, a wish came true

Some years ago I wrote a blog for the Spurs fansite The Fighting Cock about how Tottenham Hotspur were not attending the local remembrance Sunday service on the Tottenham High Road. 

I published the blog, I wrote the club letters, I made requests by social media and did get something of a response via the official supporters trust. They flagged to me that the club had attended a remembrance Sunday service at the war memorial nearer to Haringey council in Wood Green.

I had given up some hope that the club cared, and now further away than ever before in Wembley as the new stadium is being built, I assumed we had seen the last of the club showing to the Tottenham memorial service.

However, walking along the Tottenham high road this morning I took a moment to look at the wreaths that had been laid. There amongst them was one from Tottenham Hotspur, and it was the largest (we will over look the fact that it was upside down!)

There is a real sense of satisfaction here, that the club listened and acknowledged the community that it is such a strong part of structurally. I just hope that this leads to further activity from the club in the local community, but this counts as another day that I’m proud of my (soon to be) local club.


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