30 Years since the King’s Cross Fire

This weekend saw the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the King’s Cross fire. I was 11 when this happened and living a long way from London, but my dad had been in London regularly and it’s amazing to hear that there was a time when you could smoke on the trains and commuting areas, and the conditions were so filthy that a stray lit match caused this disaster.

I now travel through Kings Cross every morning and whilst I don’t alight here every day, I have seen the various memorials in the station and the reality of what happened never passes me by.

While many lives were lost and others changed forever, this was another example of how the emergency services are so crucial to the transport system. The enusing investigation led to changes that are now enabling a safe and secure London underground.

This also gave the country a fair understanding of the effects of PTSD which was suffered by those firefighters caught up in the disaster.

There was a lengthy documentary made by Channel 5 which interviewed several survivors. If you are able to see this it’s not an easy watch, but it shines a light on one of the great disasters of the 1980s in London.


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