2:1 Graduate to sue Oxford University

I saw this news on the BBC last night, that an Oxford University graduate, who got a degree with a 2:1 grade, is to take legal action over the grading.

As someone who came out of education with grades much lower than I should have achieved but with a pretty decent career so far, I wonder what precedent this could set. For example, in the unlikely event that this even sees a court room, if the plaintiff is successful then what example will this set for others who were unsatisfied? Will be taking legal action be the new way to get a qualification reviewed?

To date, I don’t know if it’s even possible to get a degree grade reviewed and what are your chances of getting a reviewed? I went through a process of getting an A-level grade reviewed and was given a completely unsatisfactory response by the company responsible, in particular that they named the wrong book in relation to what I had studied for A-level English.

For me, the marking and grading process is far too hidden, and even though it has been over 20 years since I did those exams, I regret not kicking off more of a storm regarding that lousy review which would have set more of a precedent for those suffering the same problems.

As for this person taking legal action against Oxford University, this may be for the press attention, but even if it shows the shadiness of marking and grading which has such an effect upon a person’s life, then it will be a success.


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