The End of Black Friday

Add Black Friday to May Day riots and Christmas Jumper Day, it’s another day that was embraced for a while and swiftly forgotten.

The video ( from Curry’s PC World on London’s Oxford Street showed 2 people waiting to go in at the opening. The days of fights for a cut price flatscreen and long lines for a bargain seem to have lasted only a matter of a few years, with the majority of offers now online for the savvy shopper.

The concept of Black Friday goes back to the 1950s in the USA but here in Europe, it’s more of a new concept. Therefore, if the evidence does suggest that what was a short boom for retailers and it is now over. I don’t think this is a surprise though, the concept of black Friday was it was equivalent to the British Boxing Day, after the celebration comes the shopping and the retailers are all too keen to cash in.

So is it because of a lack of acknowledgement for Thanksgiving in the UK that Black Friday has apparently ceased to be? Perhaps yes, but also shopping is mostly done online these days for reasons of availability, convenience and because some people just prefer not to go through the process of shopping in person.

So RIP Black Friday, a lot of us will not miss you.


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