The Christmas Markets Holiday 2017

The last few blogs of this November effort find me on my last holiday of the year, drinking and discovering the Christmas markets of North West Germany. 

Last night we arrived in Dusseldorf and today, Saturday 25th, we have spent time in Wuppertal, Hagen, Bochum, Essen.

Wuppertal’s main feature is it’s transport network of the suspended railway system named the Schwebebahn (spelling to be clarified later) which really is an engineering marvel of steam punk levels. Whilst the trains are not particularly large, they are frequent and combine both old and new designs of ‘trains’. The header photo is of a scale model I saw in a brewpub.

Hagen was sadly nothing to do with the ice brand, but did contain one of the best German Christmas markets I have had the pleasure of visiting.

As for Bochum and Essen, both were larger cities offering a great experience in the cold. Bochum saw us arrive in the dark and sampling an excellent local spirit. Essen offered a larger market in the city centre.

The concept of the Christmas market has arrived in the UK over the past few decades, and now there are a number of efforts in the UK at a Christmas market, but it’s worth the effort to see how it’s done in a number of small towns. 


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