Where Does the Customer Come First?

Today in our trip around Germany, we started the day in Dusseldorf before embarking upon a great trip across the country towards Berlin. 

More on the capital later this week! The thing that irked me today was the mix of how decent Dusseldorf station was compared to what we have in the UK. Yes there are some excellent stations, and St Pancras is a prime example, but in Dusseldorf station there is everything you need, it’s easy to find and of course you have the simplicity of the European train timetable where the emphasis is upon the time rather than the destination.

You may think that sounds confusing, but once you have familiarised yourself with the format, and you have the added benefit of the timetable telling you the platform, you can see the benefit.

Maybe I’m seeing things through slightly glazed beery glasses, but things seem more efficient here. Ok that is a national stereotype and that was contradicted by the service in two coffee stands, but ask yourself when you’ve felt like a valued customer in a British retailer?

The overall transport experience in Germany is one to be envied and having the options available for food, drink, information in a clean and open station. 


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