Princess Meghan and the ex soldier

The Queen’s grandson’s future mother in law is an African American social worker with braided hair. The (possible) future Queen (admittedly with 5 in line ahead of him) is a mixed race divorcée from America. All of this is fantastic, and I couldn’t be happier for them and for the rest of the world who don’t care what your history is, your race or whoever you love, it’s a case of love the one you’re with.

There’s been a long delay in announcement of the engagement and it’s positive to see a wedding taking place in the next six months. There was a long wait (I can guess at 25+ years) between the state weddings of Andrew and Fergie, and William and Kate, and I doubt there will be the furore for Harry and Meghan. In fact I doubt there will even be a state wedding and us Brits can probably not count on a free day off as we did a few years ago.

There is still Andrew and Fergie’s kids to be hitched and apart from the princesses, Harry is the most senior royal to be a batchelor. Yes he’s had a few negative headlines, but I don’t blame him for distrusting the press after all his family had gone through, and he experienced all of that first hand.

As for actress Meghan, she faces the future as a member of an exclusive set, and I’m sure they will not phase her at all.


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