Trump Retweeted the Fascists

The last post of National Blog Posting month from me comes at a time when the world’s most powerful man backs the views of a fascist and racist organisation, and when challenged over his online support for them by the UK Prime Minister, he defended his actions. 

There was no ‘mea culpa’ by Donald Trump, no undoing of the retweets, just a defence of his actions. As a result, Britain First got its largest slice of publicity to date, with all of the major TV networks queing up to talk to them and undoubtedly pushing their twitter following a boost and web traffic a massive spike. That’s not to say that there is a secret band of supporters waiting to join them, instead those who follow the lead of a President will look at Britain First as a reputable organisation that he supports, and not a gang of horrible people determined to divide communities and stir up hatred.

If there is any fortunate guidance to take from this action, it’s that few people really do take what Trump says seriously. He’s become a subject of satire in less than a year in the White House, has seen multiple changes in his administration and is stirring up a war of words with another world leader in Kim Jong-Un. Is the man fit to be in politics? Of course not, he’s a business man used to making decisions and having them happen, and in politics things move slower and much more democratically.

However, in this case, Trump did tweet from his personal account, rather than from the official Presidential account which does suggest that this even if this is not the view of the government, with ultimate power it is the view of its most senior person. Of course you could have asked if Obama or even Hillary Clinton would have supported a far right party, and the answer would certainly be no. However in his actions Trump has legitimised their raison d’etre and policies, and until he realises the gravity of such a simple action of the retweet button, this world seems to be a worse place day by day.


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