Monthly Archives: December 2017

Happy New Yearwood

Back in January I proposed to make four new year’s resolutions: – to read a book a month; listen to an album a week; be fitter and get more exercise; and listen to a new band a week. I’ve mostly failed on the artist options, but I did join my local gym in the summer and have made a concerted effort to increase my capabilities there.

So I’ll plan to continue those into 2018. The album option is one we need to action and with a vested interest in vinyl, it’s not hard to achieve. I also got a Spotify account as a Christmas present so the new band option can also be achieved – maybe I’ll try to make this blog as a place to record my achievements.

I reckon I got through four books in 2017. I’m currently working through two, so I’ll maybe set myself a more realistic option of six a year considering podcasts dominate my journey to and from work!

Work wise, there are some achievements I still want make, but they are generally in the hands of other people.

Looking back at the year gone by, I’ll pick out my best. The best gig I went to was Guns n’ Roses at London’s Olympic Stadium, closely followed by Gary Numan at Brixton Academy. The best film, in a rare tie between three superhero films but I reckon Guardians of the Galaxy 2 just beats Wonder Woman and Thor Ragnarok. Special mention for the Death of Stalin also.

In terms of this blog, my greatest achievement was completing NaBloPo month, and I’ll make another declaration to do better with this blog in 2018. Perhaps actually sticking to my aims is the way to do that! 

Happy New Year everyone!


National Blog Posting Month 2017

At the end of October I heard of National Blog Posting Month, and having not written regularly for this blog or others I produce guest posts for in some time, I decided to take on this challenge. Today on the 1st December, I’m delighted to report that I completed it, and below is a list of each entry.

The concept sounds simple, but the biggest challenges I found (apart from connectivity) was finding something I was interested in every day, and sharing some thoughts on those subjects. Hence some posts were a bit shorter than others, one was effectively a series of photos and some others were done on the spare of the moment. Some however, I was delighted to write and it felt appropriate that I was able to cover football, politics, music and news analysis in the last month.

I may give this another go in a year, but this has at least stimulated me to do more writing, and realise that guest blogging isn’t such a big challenge after all.



1 Bake Off spoiled (LinkedIn)


2 Spurs v Real Madrid review (Everybody Loves Raywood)


3 Papa Johns PR fail (Everybody Loves Raywood)


4 Gunpowder TV series reality (Everybody Loves Raywood)​everythings-gone-hollywood-now/


5 Spurs v Palace (Match of the Doy)


6 Email mistakes (LinkedIn)


7 Rafal Nadal’s lookalike pass (LinkedIn)


8 Disney and the LA Times report (Everybody Loves Raywood)


9 New Who (Everybody Loves Raywood)


10 T-Shirt Day (Everybody Loves Raywood)


11 2 Minute Silence (Everybody Loves Raywood)


12 Remembrance Sunday Littlehampton (Everybody Loves Raywood)


13 Spurs remembrance Sunday (Everybody Loves Raywood)


14 Don’t appoint your heroes (Match of the Doy)


15 Girl on the Net availability (LinkedIn)


16 Dennis Wise hard nut (Everybody Loves Raywood)


17 Cyber Geneva Conventions (LinkedIn)


18 North London Derby (Match of the Doy)


19 Kings Cross fire 30th anniversary (Everybody Loves Raywood)


20 Tony Pulis fired (Match of the Doy)


21 RIP Jana Novotna (Everybody Loves Raywood)


22 Suing Oxford Uni (Everybody Loves Raywood)


23 Uber’s breach (LinkedIn)


24 The end of Black Friday (Everybody Loves Raywood)


25 German Christmas Markets (Everybody Loves Raywood)


26 Customer service and train stations (Everybody Loves Raywood)


27 Meghan and Harry (Everybody Loves Raywood)


28 Visit to the Wannsee Conference House (Everybody Loves Raywood)


29 My first non UK gig (Everybody Loves Raywood)


30 Trump and Britain First (Everybody Loves Raywood)