Blog on the Tracks – Episode 8

Well over half way now, and this is Episode 8 which featured Gizzi Erskine, Linford Christie, Hugh Cornwell and Fleur East.

Who do you most obsess over – Am I obsessed with the Manic Street Preachers? I own every studio album, singles purely for B-sides, the B-sides collection, picture discs, special editions, and I have seen them countless times and now drag the wife along. Ok maybe it’s an obsession, but here’s one of my absolute favourites “Little Baby Nothing.”
At your house, what record do you put on for guests – I do actually have an album that I have put on for a guest who was a bit upset at the time, it’s uplifting, captivating and background at the same time. “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” by The Flaming Lips, and this is “In the Morning of the Magicians.”
Shuffle – “Liquidator” by Harry J Allstars, not only a ska classic but probably the best football run out song, but that’s from a Spurs fan too.
Best basslines – There are many options here, and I’ve decided to go with a slightly ambiguous bassline, as I’ve never really been sure if it’s played on Krist’s bass or by Kurt Cobain’s bottom strings. Anyway it’s Nirvana’s “Lounge Act.”
A song two men and two women minimum – Again a few options here including Abba and Fleetwood Mac, but with plenty of members to choose from there’s the Arcade Fire. Choosing a debut album and current live classic here “Power Out.”
Final – favourite record by someone who did something else – So many options here of songs by someone who did something before: WWF Superstars with “Slam Jam“, Sam Fox “Touch Me” and all of those popstars who were in EastEnders, and even afterwards, any number of people who went on to make records after appearing in Big Brother. However I’ll pick something which featured a member who was previously in Coronation Street, and someone who went on to a career which kind of involved inventing MTV – Davy Jones and Michael Nesmith respectively, who were both in the Monkees. Here’s “Daydream Believer.”

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