Blog on the Tracks – Episode 10

Up to episode 10 and into double figures, just as series two of Blood on the Tracks gets announced. Did this blog go some way to getting that recommission? Well let’s hope so, and I’m looking forward to more episodes and blogging about those too. Anyway series one, episode ten featured Rou Reynolds, Ben Earle, Levi Roots and Ellis James.
A song you love I’d never guess you owned – I have not really talked much about dub on this blog, but one song that has terrific memories of university, and would probably be a Desert Island Disc is “Little Britain” by Dreadzone. Look at post clubbing Monday nights in the mid 1990s watching Nationwide Football League highlights back at people’s houses, this was the theme tune, and is an absolute cracker.
Perfect reggae song – I deliberately picked a dub song above so I could pick a reggae song here, again another genre I’ve not had a massive exposure to, but I did get the pleasure to see Jimmy Cliff in 2008 at Glastonbury, so I’ll pick one his best “You can do it if you really want.”
Shuffle – As ever from the (now 427 strong) playlist, The Magic Numbers with “Forever Lost.”
Best male and female vocal Harmony – Actually plenty to choose from here, and I’ll admit to actually really liking Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman’s cover of “Something Stupid.” However I’ll pick something more original, and go for the brooding excellence and dark sexual nature of Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue, “Where the Wild Roses Grow.”
Tracks that are better on live albums than originals – Well this is not necessarily from an album, perhaps a collection of Glastonbury festival’s greatest performances, but this version of “One Way” by The Levellers from their Glastonbury 1994 headline set is far better than the recorded version from the album “Levelling the Land.”
Final – song makes you cry – This may have been one I’ve cited before, but Blur’s “Tender” will forever remind me of my friend Vicky Sutherland, who passed away in December 1999. She loved Blur and Shed Seven, and this song was out at the time (third year university) that I knew her for such a short time of her young life.

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